Barbell Club

Gold members – Included
Drop-in fee – $10.00 per class

Saturday 12:30pm – 1:30pm
24 hour reservation required

Our barbell club is designed to provide you with the highest level of instruction.  We believe in building athletes.  This requires prescribed movements based on experience, anatomy, strength, and coordination.  As always, our primary goal is provide an environment where an athlete’s form is always proper to ensure safe lifting.

Olympic-style weightlifting, or officially “Weightlifting” is the style of weightlifting contested at the Olympic Games. The events of weightlifting, or “lifts”, test virtually all of the muscles in an athlete’s body (including but not limited to, the legs, the back. the shoulders, the arms, the grip and the core) – more muscles than any other single sport. And because the lifts are performed more widely than any other strength and power testing events in the world with standardized rules, with no assistive equipment, the World and Olympic Champions in the sport of Weightlifting have earned the right to the title of the strongest men and women in the world.

Weightlifting competition is conducted in eight bodyweight categories for the men, ranging from 56 kg. (123.46 lb.) to 105+ kg.( over 231.49 lb.), and seven bodyweight categories for the women, ranging from 48kg. (105.82 lb.) to 75+kg. (over 165.35 lb.). There are also age related competitions for athletes 13 and under, and as old as 85 and above. Consequently, athletes are always able to compete with athletes their own age, size and gender.

Weightlifting consists of two events – the Snatch, and the Clean and Jerk (C&J). In competition, each athlete is permitted three “attempts” in each lift. The highest weights successfully lifted by each athlete in each event comprise the athlete’s “Total”. The athlete with the highest total is the overall winner of the competition (in some competitions – e.g., World’s Championships, titles are awarded in the individual lifts as well as the total). (source: USA Weightlifting)

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