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Proper preparation prevents poor performance

The New Year doesn’t just mean weight loss challenges and more frequent trips to the gym, it also kicks off the competition season. Every year, the CrossFit Open starts up early in the new year. Not to mention a year’s worth of local competitions to compete in! If competition was easy, everyone would do it, …
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But I could jump rope when I was little, why can’t I do double unders?

We’ve all been there. At one point, every CrossFitter sees “double unders” on the board and thinks “ugh.” Why are double unders such a pain? Why are they so hard to conquer? Why are they so inconsistent? *holds hands up to sky* Whhyyyyyyy? Here’s the good news: You are not alone.

My first CrossFit coach

We all have that one coach that you will always remember as the one that made you believe in what you can do. Jona is that coach for me. She made me see past the limitations I put on myself. She took the extra time to learn about me and she showed me that I could be an athlete. When we decided to open a CrossFit Box, we knew that the coaching staff needed to “be like Jona.” We could not be happier to have her as part of the Loaded Bell family.

Kelly Porter, She-ra? Mary Poppins? She-Poppins?

At Loaded Bell CrossFit we are grateful for a lot of things, but we are most grateful for the wonderful coaches that have chosen to be a part of our Loaded Bell family.  When we made the decision to open, we had three very important goals; great coaching, proper technique, and giving back.  Without the …
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Screaming Bell, Loaded Poodle?

Was Loaded Bell CrossFit years in the making? A lifelong dream? Neither! It was borne out of a desire to build a new home for a community looking for a place to call their own. Upon the closing of Desert Forge in the Spring of 2016, many in the CrossFit community started to go their …
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