Childcare at Loaded Bell

We are happy to offer childcare at Loaded Bell CrossFit. We understand how hard it can be to find time for yourself to WOD so we offer this service to help you meet your goals.

Childcare is $5 per child and free for Silver, Gold/Founders and Platinum members.

To sign up for childcare:

Sign up in your Zenplanner account 12 hours in advance to ensure we are staffed. A maximum of 8 children are allowed. Your child must be registered and have a wavier on file.

Cancellation policy:  You must email two hours before you are scheduled to cancel any childcare, if not you will incur a $5.00 fee per child


Childcare is offered Monday-Friday 9:00am and 5:30pm

Unsupervised children

During those periods that we do not have supervised childcare, your children can stay in the kids’ room. Kids must be able to sit quietly and be self-entertained without the need for parent intervention. Feel free to bring books, washable crayons/markers, homework, puzzles, handheld gaming systems or tablets (with headphones), or other quiet activities for your kids. The TV is there for DVD’s as well.

Children on the gym floor

Children are NEVER allowed to play on gym equipment before, during, or after a workout. Rowers, ropes, rings, jump ropes, etc. are all off limits to kids, unless they are enrolled in and attending a CrossFit Kids class.  It is simply a safety thing.  

Food and Drinks

No food is allowed in the kids’ room. We do not know all the allergies and medical issues of our members’ kids so please no food in the kids’ room. It is also a sanitary issue that we keep the kids’ room clean. If they need a snack, please get it in them before they head in the kids’ room. Only water in “no-spill” containers will be allowed is allowed in the kids’ room. 

Kids room clean up

It is your responsibility to see that your child has cleaned up after themselves. If you bring your child to the kids’ room, please make sure it is cleaned up afterwards. 

Appropriate Behavior

Children are expected to behave appropriately. If a child is disrespectful, abusive to another child or destructive it will be addressed both you and your child. If your child damages any items, you will be responsible for replacing those items.  If your child is regularly acting out, we will need for you to make other arrangements for the care of your child.

Disruptive Behavior

If your child is being very loud or disruptive during a workout it is YOUR responsibility to take care of your child. If you are having a hard time hearing because your child is being loud it probably means everyone else is having a hard time hearing too. Please take the time and take care of your child, doing so in a way that is not equally disruptive.

Childcare Illness Policy

This policy is to protect the children and the members at Local from symptoms of illness. A child who meets one or more of the following criteria should NOT attend childcare outside their home. We ask that you use your best judgment. It would be VERY awkward for us to ask you to take your child home.

  • Fever: 100.4+ within the past 24 hours
  • Vomiting: Within the past 48 hours
  • Respiratory: Rapid breathing, severe coughing, croupy cough
  • Diarrhea: We do not change diapers but will come get you if your child needs a change
  • Eye/Nose: Thick pus, usually a hint of green, from the nose or pus draining from eyes
  • Sore Throat: Especially when there is a fever or swollen glands
  • Skin Rash: Undiagnosed or contagious rash or infected sores with drainage
  • Unusual Color: Yellow or pink eyes or skin
  • General Illness: A child who does not feel well enough to participate in usual daily activities