5 Ways to Supplement Your CrossFit Workout

//5 Ways to Supplement Your CrossFit Workout

5 Ways to Supplement Your CrossFit Workout

5-Ways-to-Supplement-Your-CrossFit-Workout-Loaded-Bell-CrossFitCrossFit workouts are designed to challenge your body in new and interesting ways in order to provide muscle confusion and combat stagnation. Not only does this result in growth and progress, but it also works to ensure that every muscle group gets targeted at some point within your training.

Despite CrossFit’s ultimately successful formula, it can still be helpful to supplement your WODs with other types of exercise that can help you reach your fitness goals. If you’re looking for an addition to CrossFit, here are fives ways to supplement your CrossFit workout and become a more well-rounded athlete:


When it comes to learning balance and flexibility, nothing can beat yoga. Yoga classes can range from relaxing to difficult, so find a class that focuses on what you’d like to work on and don’t forget to try a restorative yoga class every once in a while!


This low impact cardio exercise is perfect for a full body workout. Swimming is a great way to get in your aerobic exercise while defining muscles throughout your body. You’ll be shedding fat in no time with this simple cardio option!


Just like yoga, pilates can be a great addition to any workout regimen. The benefits include increased flexibility and endurance, which ultimately leads to a lower chance of muscle injury or strain!


The functional exercise provided by bouldering is a great addition to any WOD, as it works your wrists, legs, and arms in ways that lifting doesn’t. It also allows you to build up your skill level, taking on harder courses as you get better.


Another great cardio option, biking is an awesome way to explore your city or town as well as get in shape. Plus, you’ll travel further and get less exhausted than if you were to pick up a running routine in your CrossFit off time.

No matter what exercises you choose to do to supplement your CrossFit workouts, make sure you’re doing your WODs at Loaded Bell CrossFit. We’re excited to help you be the best you can be in the gym so that your workouts outside of it are as powerful as possible. Contact us today to find out more!