January 2019

How Does CrossFit Benefit Kids?


CrossFit is often a consideration for adults looking to mix up their workout routine in a fun, motivating environment that challenges them to push themselves further with every workout. Along with being great for adults, CrossFit has several benefits for kids and teens who are looking to try something different than team sports or martial [...]

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Turning Weaknesses Into Strengths


Whether in the gym or the workplace, we all have weaknesses we’d like to improve upon and ideally turn into some of our greatest strengths. In order to do this, it takes a certain resolve and determination that pushes you forward rather than dragging you back, focusing on the positive instead of the negative. This [...]

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Athlete of the Month for January 2019: Courtney Ferrara


  Sometimes a new athlete steps into the box and just blows everyone away!  Courtney has done just that.  A participant in our most recent 6 week challenge, she has excelled from day 1.  Consistency is a trait which Courtney brings in abundance to fuel her success. Always improving and putting in the work, her [...]

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2018 Athlete of the Year: Kevin Kirk


Loaded Bell is proud to announce that Kevin Kirk has earned our 2018 Athlete of the Year award!  Kevin is a great example of what results you can achieve after long term focus on health and wellness.  At 60 years of age, he demonstrates incredible work capacity and a fitness level rivaling those half his [...]

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December 2018

Pairing Exercise and Nutrition


Oftentimes, gym-goers think that their strenuous, powerful workouts five days a week mean that they can slack when it comes to getting the food and nutrition they need. However, if you’re serious about reaching your fitness goals, there are a multitude of reasons that it’s important to pair your workouts with healthy meals to ensure [...]

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Athlete of the Month: Geneva Roundy


Geneva is a recent addition to the Loaded Bell family.  To say she's hit the ground running would be an incredible understatement.  In a very short time she's made tremendous progress.  Some of us think she may have been born with a barbell in her hands!  Geneva gives 100% in her workouts and the results [...]

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5 Reasons to Start CrossFit


You may have heard of CrossFit from a friend or maybe on the news, but do you know what it is, as well as the benefits? Whether you’ve never stepped foot in a gym or have been doing your own workouts for years, CrossFit can be a functional, useful addition or substitution for your current [...]

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November 2018

Defining and Managing Heart Rate Variability


You may think that your heart rate is constant and exact, the perfect timekeeper that beats at a perfectly consistent rate. On the contrary, your heart rate varies by very small amounts - tenths of seconds - and is not as exact as it may seem simply feeling for your pulse on your wrist or [...]

Defining and Managing Heart Rate Variability2018-11-20T08:55:26+00:00

Athlete of the Month: Christina Romero


Loaded Bell is proud to announce Christina Romero as our November Athlete of the Month!  Christina has been the poster child for hard work and consistency since day one.  Even during her early Foundations Program sessions, it was obvious she had drive, determination, and a willingness to put in the work.  She's typically the [...]

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The Importance of Sleep


During the most stressful of times, and especially when you’re putting your body through an intense workout regimen that CrossFit often provides, sleep becomes a vital, often overlooked, part of your routine. It can be so easy to skimp on sleep when you’re pushing yourself day in and out to accomplish a goal, gain [...]

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