May 2018

5 Tips When Choosing a Personal Trainer


Let’s face it, trying to find a personal trainer ranks up there with some of life’s most difficult decisions. Choosing a college...starting a family...what to watch on Netflix this weekend? A good personal trainer should always be a good listener, explain why you are doing specific workouts/exercises and will always prescribe a plan that will [...]

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April 2018

May Athlete of the Month: Alyssa Mochen


It's our pleasure to announce Alyssa Mochen as Loaded Bell's athlete of the month for May 2018!  She came to us through our New You Program which is designed to introduce new athletes to the world of CrossFit.  From the beginning we knew she was the type of athlete you want in your gym.  She [...]

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Eat Better, Feel Better!


Nutrition is an individual journey. We owe it to ourselves to determine which foods and what style of eating works best for our bodies. Just like learning any new skill, nutrition takes practice.  The goal should be to develop an approach to eating that makes you feel great, maintain a healthy body, and achieve your [...]

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The Power of Choice


Most of us have an area in our life we wish we were performing better in. That part of us that doesn’t quite fit into our own skin. It could be a touchy subject that our spouse and friends know to steer clear of, the elephant in the room. It could be the promotion you [...]

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April Athlete of the Month: Taryn Stelzig


We're excited to announce that Taryn Stelzig is Loaded Bell CrossFit's athlete of the month for April 2018.  Taryn is a Loaded Bell veteran and has been with us since day 1.  Her presence and energy add to the excitement of every class she's in.  Want to see her smile?  Just give her a barbell [...]

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Four Hacks to a Better Night’s Sleep


Hey there motivated individual! I have a new challenge for you. Guess what? It’s harder than any whole-food-eating, gallon-of-water-drinking, couch-to-5k challenge you’ve ever tried.  Not only that, but if you complete it successfully I promise you’ll never want to stop. That’s why I’m challenging you to 1 month of restful nights sleep! So why is [...]

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March 2018

March Athlete of the Month: Gregory Roth


Loaded Bell is excited to announce that Greg Roth is our March Athlete of the Month.  Since the day he set foot in our door, he's been consistent at the 7 AM class working towards his goals every single session.  Coaches love having an athlete that is "coachable".  Those athletes that take instruction, make adjustments, [...]

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February 2018

February’s Athlete of the Month: Paul Falardeau


I'm happy to announce that Paul Falardeau is our February Athlete of the Month!  If there was a single word to describe Paul, it would be perseverance.  He shows up with a smile and puts in the work to get better every day.  We've seen amazing changes with Paul since he started with us.  He's [...]

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December 2017

Athlete of the Month


I'm pleased to announce that Kevin Kirk is Loaded Bell's athlete of the month for December!  Kevin came to Loaded Bell through our Foundations program designed for those completely new to CrossFit.  From the very start Kevin exhibited unmatched enthusiasm and excitement.  Since those first classes, Kevin's upbeat attitude is as consistent as his presence [...]

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Mental Game


I want you to close your eyes and picture yourself doing the last Crossfit Workout you put numbers up for. Got it??? Do you see yourself breathing hard? Perhaps you are sweaty and rolling your eyes at your coach? Good. Now I want you to think of a word to describe yourself. Say it out [...]

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