Let Our Free CrossFit Intro Class Help You

//Let Our Free CrossFit Intro Class Help You

Let Our Free CrossFit Intro Class Help You

Let-Our-Free-CrossFit-Intro-Class-Help-You-Loaded-Bell-CrossFitAt Loaded Bell CrossFit, we offer a free CrossFit intro class on Saturdays that anyone is welcome to come to. Usually held at 8 A.M., our intro class is perfect for those looking to give CrossFit a try, especially if they haven’t ever attempted a class before. We’ll go over some of the basics and get you started on your CrossFit journey.

Meet Our Coaches

Our intro class gives you the chance to do something important when starting any fitness program: meet the coaches you’ll be training with. Our skilled coaches work with members to make sure their WODs are not only the best they can be but also the safest they can be. Find out exactly how the coaches you’ll be working with can help you reach your goals!

Learn the Right Way

Rather than jumping into a CrossFit class unprepared, our intro class allows you to learn the right way to do the exercises to prevent injury. Work your way to a larger set of weights by learning the movements first before jumping into a workout you’re unprepared for. While you won’t learn everything in your first class, you’ll definitely start to get a feel for how the exercises generally work!

Introduce a Friend

If you’re already a member with us or have done CrossFit in the past, the Saturday intro classes are a great time and place to introduce a friend who has never done one before. CrossFit can be an intimidating idea, but with the right coaching and the right friend telling you what a great workout it can be, the intimidation factor can be significantly reduced!

To find out more about our Saturday intro classes, contact us today to find out how to get started on your CrossFit journey.