The Importance of Mobility

//The Importance of Mobility

The Importance of Mobility

The-Importance-of-Mobility-Loaded-Bell-CrossFitWhen it comes to fitness, most people have their set goals in mind. Losing weight and gaining muscle are two that we tend to hear a lot. There’s one aspect of fitness, however, that’s important no matter what your chosen workout or sport, whether it’s marathon training, CrossFit, martial arts, or yoga, and that’s mobility. Mobility and flexibility play key roles in injury prevention, joint health, and much, much more.

Decreases Your Chance of Injury

An injury can be one of the most frustrating reasons you have to sit out of your workouts or take a break from your regular schedule. When you’re taking the time to do mobility exercises and stretching appropriately, you’re much less likely to become injured while doing a lift, sprinting, or playing a sport.

Helps You Be More Efficient

If your mobility is off, your range of motion isn’t as great as it could be. For instance, if your squat depth is limited by the movement and tightness of your knee, you’re not going to be getting as much benefit out of that squat. With a full range of motion, your movements are going to be deeper and more impactful, giving you better results in the end.

Keeps Joints Healthy

When you take the time before a workout to stretch and work on mobility, you’re warming up your joints for the efforts they’re about to go through. These movements send blood to the joints you’re working on, and the synovial fluid helps to create smooth gliding movements in the joint.

Mobility exercises should take up a special part of your workout in order to prevent injury, keep joints healthy, and help you become more efficient in your movements. Though it can be difficult to take a moment working on something that isn’t one of your main goals, it’s what is going to keep you out there, doing what you love, and getting better every day.

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