The Importance of Sleep

//The Importance of Sleep

The Importance of Sleep

The-Importance-of-Sleep-Loaded-Bell-CrossFitDuring the most stressful of times, and especially when you’re putting your body through an intense workout regimen that CrossFit often provides, sleep becomes a vital, often overlooked, part of your routine. It can be so easy to skimp on sleep when you’re pushing yourself day in and out to accomplish a goal, gain weight, meet a deadline, or whatever your personal ambitions may be.

When proper sleep criteria aren’t met, you ultimately lose out on rest and can easily become overwhelmed or strained. Take a look at some of the reasons sleep is so vital, especially for CrossFitters.

1. Improved Reaction Times

When you get the rest your body needs, you’re more likely to react without delay, keeping you safe and prepared. Though this certainly applies to athletes, it also applies to everyday activities like driving.

2. Better Decision Making Skills

Sleep provides the ability for not only your body to rest, but also your mind. With this rest comes improved cognitive skills and a clarity that enhances your ability to make good decisions.

3. Leads to Healthy Emotional Well-Being

Sleep deficiency can often lead to unnecessary stress brought on by fatigue, meaning you won’t be equipped to properly handle unexpected situations. Irritability levels rise, which can sometimes lead to uncomfortable social confrontations.

4. Improper Sleep Habits Can Lead to Poor Health

Not only can you lose quite a few cognitive skills when you’re not getting a proper amount of sleep, you can also become obese or abnormally tired. This can quickly reverse the work you’re putting in at the gym, whereas a healthy sleep schedule can improve your overall health.

5. You’re Less Likely to Get Sick

When you’re getting the right amount of sleep every day, your immune system functions better, meaning you’re less likely to get sick. This is one great reason to make sure you’re getting the proper amount, as getting sick can easily sidetrack your goals.

With all of these reasons, it’s easy to see how important sleep can be, especially for athletes. When you create your workout regimen or start a CrossFit routine, make sure you’ve worked in the time for proper sleep in order to achieve your goals!